Rally Poland 2021

1 Torn K.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
2 Armstrong J.
Ford Fiesta Rally3
Armstrong J.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
Torn K.
Ford Fiesta Rally3 
flash info (43 - Byśkiniewicz Łukasz / Cieślar Zbigniew): We went in a ditch and lost the sumpguard.
retired (20 - Tempestini Simone / Itu Sergiu): retired after SS 12
(20 - Tempestini Simone / Itu Sergiu): puncture
retired (60 - Landa Nikolai / Landa Günter): fire in SS 12
flash info (1 - Lukyanuk Alexey / Arnautov Alexey): Andreas seems to be pushing, we were looking for the car in the ruts, maybe we were safe too much, but no drama.
flash info (3 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Fløene Ola): We trie to have a little bit of fun and pressure, it's never over until it's over. We had a clean run.
flash info (11 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): It was a clean run, now it was really nice stage and it would be nice to push hard, but we have our strategy.
flash info (25 - Chuchała Wojciech / Rozwadowski Sebastian): After pushing in the previous one now we were just keeping the rhythm.
flash info (8 - Solans Nil / Martí Marc): We finally found the right setup, we can push more. I'm happy with the speed now.
flash info (12 - Herczig Norbert / Ferencz Ramón): I did a little mistake in the pacenotes, in first kilometers I didn't have the right rhythm. But no problem, there are still some stages to go.
flash info (7 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): Too demanding for us, we are trying to get in front of Bonato, but it will be difficult.
flash info (14 - Cais Erik / Žáková Jindřiška): I don't know, this stage is not for me. I tried my best, let's see the next stages. I'm happy to be here.
flash info (26 - Scandola Umberto / D'Amore Guido): Better feeling with the stage, the car was OK.