Azores Rallye 2021

1 Franceschi J.
Renault Clio Rally4
Franceschi J.
Renault Clio Rally4 
flash info (20 - Somaschini Rachele / Arena Nicola): It was good, we need to push.
flash info (23 - Widłak Igor / Dymurski Daniel): Better than the first time because I come back to my confidence.
flash info (26 - Vinyes Joan / Mercader Jordi): It's OK, I tried to attack.
flash info (24 - Feofanov Dmitry / Kokins Normunds): In some places the road is destroyed and we had to brake a lot. But it's better than the first time.
flash info (27 - Cartier Victor / Craen Fabien): It was really hard, lot of stones in the middle of the stage. But it's OK, we just need to finish.
flash info (29 - Franceschi Jean-Baptiste / Gorguilo Anthony): We are going very slowly and carefully to avoid stones. All OK, the car is fine.
flash info (14 - Chwietczuk Adrian / Baran Jarosław): All OK, it's better now.
flash info (15 - Vilariño Luis / Murado José): All OK, the car is now better, mechanics did very good work, I feel good in the car now.
flash info (25 - Pardo Javier / Pérez Adrián): I think that in the rear of the car is a problem with damper, but it's possible to go to the next two stages.
flash info (18 - Botelho Rafael / Raimundo Rui): It was fine, lot of stones, but no problem, I enjoyed it.
flash info (10 - Moura Ricardo / Costa António): I'm lucky, I made a mistake in the beginning on the tarmac, I slide and hit a concrete, but OK, we managed that,
flash info (6 - Sordo Dani / Carrera Cándido): It's OK, I already have no new tyres, but I'm happy.
flash info (1 - Mikkelsen Andreas / Edmondson Elliott): It was fine, we had a clean stage, no issues. We tried to push, but we also keep the eye on the championship.
flash info (3 - Llarena Efrén / Fernandez Sara): Difficult, it's really lot of stones and big rocks. We will try.
flash info (2 - Marczyk Miko / Gospodarczyk Szymon): It was crazy because we are on the limit of the 16 tyres for the rally. This loop will be interesting, we did our best.
flash info (11 - Scandola Umberto / Fappani Danilo): OK, the stage is better than in the morning. I'm happy.
flash info (12 - Rego Luis / Henriques Jorge): Now it's little buit better, it's clean and there are some lines. We have harder compound now.
flash info (17 - Guerra Benito / Cue Daniel): It was much better, now it's much easier. We changed to hard compound and I feel more confident.